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Boston Airsoft, located in Massachusetts, was established in 2004. The Boston Airsoft team which is known as the Boston Airsoft Squad or BAS is a free organization comprised of airsoft enthusiasts who play airsoft in the New England area and New York. The Team prides themselves on their professionalism, practices throughout the year and attends regional and national events. The Boston Airsoft forum has limited use for new members, but please feels free to sign up. You can also find us on Facebook to help promote organized airsoft in the Boston area.


Team history:


In 2003 a small group began travelling to western Massachusetts in search of organized airsoft. Here they discovered a field near Belchertown Massachusetts. As the group continued to attend events here the regular members nicknamed them as, “The guys from Boston”. Enjoying the field and the airsofters who played here, the Guys from Boston travelled almost two plus hours each way for these events. Near the end of the summer of 2003 they began to practice with friends and family at a small more local field just North of Boston. These players enjoyed the sport too and as the Guys from Boston did, they too wanted to travel to new fields. That Fall the Guys from Boston decided the best way to ensure that their trips to Western Massachusetts were delightful, an organized group should be created; one that includes leadership, utility roles, friendship, and could practice and train together as a family and team.


The Boston Airsoft Squad name:


The guys from Boston first decided since this already established group of airsofters in Western Massachusetts identified them as The Guys from Boston, for 2004 the team name should reflect this distinction; second airsoft is a military simulation and a connection should be made without using the name of an actual military unit, thus creating the name the Boston Airsoft Squad.
In an effort to organize and promote the team to other players a public forum and website were developed. Here Boston Airsoft could attract players throughout Eastern Massachusetts.
The guys from Boston, now known as the Boston Airsoft Squad began to network through their small community and choose players who showed interest and commitment to the sport and young team. These players were then asked to become members of the Boston Airsoft Squad. With the community growing faster than expected the two founding members setup guidelines for recruitment. These guidelines were put in place and remain there today. The newly established team began to travel together throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire identifying themselves as the Boston Airsoft Squad; again the players of Western Massachusetts who originally nicknamed The Guys from Boston, nicknamed the Boston Airsoft Squad as B.A.S (BASS).


BAS Crest:


Realizing the team had become established in the airsoft community the founding members looked to creating a symbol or crest, something that identified the team and stood for their basic principles. Although a sport played on land, the team chose the fish known as a bass since it reflected the team’s new nickname. Since the origins of the team were identified as Boston Massachusetts based, a symbol of Boston should be included. Thinking of what identifies a city apart from the rest, they looked to the city’s skyline. Like most cities Boston has numerous skyscrapers, but one stands alone when compared to the rest. It is the Prudential Center. The team however did have a difficult time deciding on a few simple words that are the core principles of the team. Doing some research on the origins of words themselves to find the best, it was decided the use of the Latin Vis Vires and Veneratio covered just about all of it.


BAS Uniform:


Uniform is important to any organization, it symbolizes unity and allows members to identify each other on the field. BAS fields all national event and most regional events wearing woodland camouflage. The team displays identifiers on their back, shoulder, and head, depending on the members cover. The BAS crest is always displayed on the right arm and to separate BAS from military personnel, the American flag is proudly worn on the left.


To date:


Currently including the Guys from Boston, three other original members remain part of the team. Some players have come and gone and there are many new faces including some recent acquisitions. The team played at many great fields and was sad to see some of them go. The experience of the members includes people completely new to the sport; to players with a decade of play. BAS has been blessed with the ability to receive real world training from active Law Enforcement and retired military personnel. Taking their advisement and studying the play of professional paintball teams BAS has developed their own style of play. Now organized, the squad has three levels of its command and control; one team captain/squad leader, an executive officer/co-captain, and a third rank has been created for members who have shown the ability to follow orders and the ability to give them effectively as well. BAS refers to them as O-3s. Creating this third line of command and control allows Boston Airsoft to maintain the command tree in the event members with leadership roles are not present. The team is then broken down into two fire teams. Their call signs are Blue Team and Red Team. Their names are derived from the personal background of some of its members.




The Boston Airsoft Squad has had the privilege of playing in national events, has been invited to out of state fields looking to attract new groups, and of course play regionally.




Boston Airsoft is fortunate to have numerous companies sponsoring the team. Each company has made it easier for the team to compete nationally. All have in their own way shown their support. A list of the current team sponsors can be found on the team’s sponsor page.